Fully Automatic Lead Edge Feeder Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine with Stacker


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Use and Characteristics:

◆ Adopt dust collection device with high efficiency, it can eliminate impurity on cardboard, it can ensure the printing plate clean and improve printing quality .

◆ All transfer gears are helical gear. It adopt high frequency quench and part of adopt carburization processing, after grinding and spay lubrication, it can prolong the using life and transmission precision.

◆ It can store order and change order convenience and quick.

◆ Adopt PLC,touch screen multifunctional control, the system is reliable,low malfunction rate, operation easy.

◆ Main motor,wind motor and phase motor adopt inveter control, the speed is steady, saving energy, precise and reliable.

◆ This machine have function of auto return zero, auto proofread flexo plate, wipe edition memory.

◆ With skip feeding paper function, it can produce big size carton also.

◆ It possess speed compensation system, automatic track and compensate cushion roller speed, to ensure the same size of the carton with the cutting mould .


◆ The printing unit adopt SUN company colorful master doctor blade of USA, this system can ensure ink in the anilox roller curve transfer to flexo plate, it can control ink volume, it makes the printing more clear and high DPI, the printing picture much better with low price and easy maintenance.

◆ All roller adopt super quality steel with dynamic balance correction, it adopts hard chromed and grinding processing.

◆ Printing phase adopt PLC and electric digital 360 adjust.


◆ With pre-pressing device, the paperboard is not easy to crush after pre-pressing .

◆ Up pressing wheel wrap rubber outside, it will not damage paperboard.

◆ Gap of pressing wheel, feeding wheel and the slotting knife adopt self locking device.

◆ Slotting knife disc movement adopt ball screw bar with long life and high precision.

◆ Pressing wheel and slotting knife seat sway adopt synchronous adjustment with electric control.

◆ Slotting knife width 7.0 mm, it adopt alloy steel material. After heat treatment and grinding, the blade is sharp and long using life.

Die cutting

◆ Die cutting phase and the gap between the cutting mould rollers adopt computer control to set and display.

◆ The cushion roller adopts mechanical cam structure with the moving range 40mm.

◆ The gap between cushion roller and cutting mould roller adopts electrical adjustment . When stopping feeding paper, the cushion roller will rise automatically; When working ,the cushion roller will return to the working position.


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