Fully Automatic Lead Edge Feeder Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Gluer Line/ Case Maker




Use and Characteristics:

◆ Integrated CNC control system, trouble-shooting, production management,remote maintenance.

◆ Quick printing plate mounting, motorized phase zero.

◆ Powerful dust remover, with anti-static bar, centralized dust collection, less ECT loss.

◆ High precious transfer structure with ceramics vacuum transfer wheel, good registration accuracy.

◆ Creasing-slotting unit, prevent creasing line from bursting,better folding.

◆ Counter ejector with down stacking.

◆ Choose international brand electric components and transfer bearings,pass CE certification.

Count-ejector unit

Use and Characteristics:

◆ High speed down counting stacking, prevent box smearing.

◆ Side squiring, pneumatic plat push.

◆ Several servo driven, high efficiency counting stacking.

◆ Count-ejector unit lateral move motorized control.

Folding gluing unit

Use and Characteristics:

◆ Constant temperature gluing system with big gluing wheel, reticulation gluing, motorized control glue wheel position.

◆ High rigid folding beam, ensure folding precision and high speed stability.

◆ Guide-way linear movement, high rigid beam fixed on the ground.

◆ Elastic wheel, motorized pneumatic adjust gap, smooth transfer.

◆ Folding finalize wheel correct fish tail, gap motorized control.

◆ Folding belt motorized driven, correct folding difference.

Plicing unit

◆ Softener and rotary brush, fan assistant.

◆ Belt transfer



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