Chain Feed Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine with Stacker


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Feeder unit

◆ chain of semi-automatic feed

◆ ateral positioning to guarantee accurate feed

◆ automatic counting

Printer unit

◆ electric planetary phase adjustment, the figures show

◆ Mechanical parking, the net roll automatically from the plate surface.

◆ ink rubber roller automatic idling system, the machine stop when the ink to dry.

◆ automatic brake institutions and the unit after the separation, brake locking weeks displacement, keep the press bit.

◆ can be any combination of one to four colors.

◆ pneumatic suction ink system saves ink, easy to clean.

◆ according to user requirements, the plates of the roller can be used hanging devices to make pasting save time, effort.

Slotter unit

◆ slotting phase 360 degrees electric planetary gear adjustment.

◆ slotted parts of the tool of special design and manufacture of long service life.45 steel forgings

◆ gear, helical gear driving.

◆ All roller by polished chrome handle.

◆ spray lubrication, ensure life.

◆ unit electric displacement, cylinder lock.


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